Uniform Guidelines Kindergarten-12th Grade

Pamlico Christian Academy uniforms for K- 12th grade students consist of tops with choices of solid navy, white and light blue.  Navy tops must have a white logo, and light blue and white must have a navy logo.  Pants, shorts or skirts must be khaki, navy, white or gray.  Tops may be purchased from any store you prefer but must have a logo applied by screen print or embroidery (see info below).  Shorts, skirts and pants may also be purchased from any store you prefer. Girls’ leggings, tights or other similar clothing (K-12th) must be worn under ample-length skirts and jumpers only. Logos must be visible at all times during the school day on tops. This includes outerwear such as zip-front hoodies or sweatshirts if worn inside the school building. Collegiate-style PCA wear ordered through Bender Apparel (see link below) may also be worn inside the building during the school day. Non-logo outerwear such as coats or hoodies may be worn on the playground on chilly days but may NOT be worn inside the school building. Every Friday shall be set aside as “Mariner Day” on which spirit wear, Christian t-shirts and jeans may be worn. 

Local participating stores that will add a logo to items you purchase are Cowell’s Cleaners (any location in Pamlico or Craven Counties), Pamlico Pharmacy and Bender Apparel. Please call the following contacts to inquire about pricing, screen print versus embroidery options, drop-off procedures and timeframes:

Cowell’s Cleaners – (252) 447-5316

Pamlico Pharmacy – (252) 745-6337

Bender Apparel (New Bern) -1.888.222.9542

Uniforms will also be available through Bender Apparel and Land’s End.

A link is included below for Bender Apparel.  There will be additional times throughout the year for ordering from Bender. Orders from Lands End may happen at any time.

Bender Apparel Link

Land’s End will run free logos throughout the summer as well as other specials.  A plaid choice is available through Land’s End as well.  A link for Land’s End can be found below along with PDF links of available options for both boys and girls. The Lands End Preferred School Number is: 900141672

PCA Girls Uniforms Lands End

PCA Uniform Boys Lands End

Lands End Link (The Lands End Preferred School Number is: 900141672)

Please call or text Jenny Grimes, PTO President, with any questions on uniforms at (252) 670-1610.

Preschool Dress Code

Preschool students may wear any white, navy or light blue top with khaki, navy or gray bottoms. Girls may wear khaki or navy jumpers. All clothing and accessories, with the exception of shoes and socks, must be school colors: white, navy, light blue or khaki. Tops and bottoms (including tights and leggings) may have stripes, polka dots, etc., but they must be in school colors. Preschool students may participate in “Mariner Spirit” Day on Fridays on which PCA spirit wear, Christian t-shirts and jeans may be worn. Shoes must be close-toed for safety purposes, both in the classroom and on the playground. No heels of any kind are permitted for the safety of our preschool students.

Dress Code Philosophy

The Mariner dress code is designed to serve as a guide to parents and students on the proper attire at our school. The biblical principles of Christlikeness, modesty,  obedience and respect are the standards applied. As Christians, our goal is to glorify God in everything and to be an example to those around us.

  • “Whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.” I Corinthians 10:31
  • “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” I Timothy 4:12
  • “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Clothing should be neat, modest, and appropriate. Clothing should be appropriately sized – not too small and not too large. A student should not be dressed in such a way as to draw attention to his/ her body but to respect and honor God, themselves and others.

Parents and students have the primary responsibility to understand and adhere to the dress code. In all circumstances PCA retains the final authority to determine, in its discretion, whether a student is in compliance with the dress code. If a dress code violation is a modesty issue, the student will be required to change their attire or have a parent bring appropriate clothing. Students will remain in the office until dressed appropriately and any absences from class during this time will be considered unexcused. Repeated violations will be considered defiance and will be handled as a disciplinary issue. The administration reserves the right to amend the dress code as needed to address new fads and styles. Thank you!