Lower School Academics

PCA currently uses the Abeka Curriculum for all elementary classes. For over forty years, schools and homeschooling families have trusted Abeka to provide materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give over one million students annually the tools they need to be successful in academics and life.

Our educators are comprehensive yet traditional in their approach to education, providing high academic standards from a Biblical worldview that fosters critical thinking skills. Curriculum materials are reviewed on an annual basis by the Head of School, directors, and the Board of Directors with input and recommendations from teachers. 

Daily lessons for Kindergarten through 6th grade include traditional mathematics, literature, grammar, writing, science, and history. Weekly electives include conversational Spanish, art, music, Bible and physical education. Students utilize hardcopy textbooks and readers and also have access to tablets and laptops for educational purposes.

Upper School Academics

Our upper school consists of students in 7th – 12th grade and is characterized by instructors who are specialists in their subject area. Upper School students change classes throughout the day and may move classrooms depending upon their schedule. Students in middle and high school take mathematics, science, English/Language Arts and history each year. Elective offerings include Bible, physical education, writing classes, Personal Finance, American Values, Christian Citizenship, Yearbook, and Entrepreneurship, to name a few. High school core classes include US History, Government/Civics, World History, English 1-4, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science. Electives includes Spanish 1 and 2, Health, PE, and Bible, to name a few. Classes are based on a full-year rather than semester-based approach. Honors classes are also offered. In the 11th and 12th grades, students have the opportunity to earn college credit in all core courses and electives that count toward high school graduation requirements (see below).

Partnership with Pamlico County Schools

Through a partnership with Pamlico County Schools, students in grades 9th – 12th will have the opportunity to register for online electives through EdOptions Academy and will be dual enrolled as a full-time student at PCA and as a part-time or full-time student in Pamlico County Schools depending upon the number of course credits being taken. This will require some paperwork to be completed for entrance into Pamlico County Schools, including a student release form if student is zoned for schools in another district. Such online classes will be previewed for content deemed appropriate and in keeping with PCA’s mission and philosophy by a PCA staff or board member. Such online classes will have oversight by a PCA faculty or staff member during a designated time of the school day. Students who enroll in at least three classes and are thus considered full-time students at Pamlico County High School may be eligible to try out for athletics and participate in other extracurricular activities through Pamlico County High School if such activities do not disrupt participation in core subject areas being taught at Pamlico Christian Academy. Prior approval by the Head of School for such participation is required. Such participation must also be agreed upon by the faculty and staff of Pamlico County High School.

Partnership with Pamlico Community College

Eligible students in 11th and 12th grades have the opportunity to participate in the NC Career and College Promise Program (CCP) in partnership with Pamlico Community College (PCC). Students that are dual enrolled at PCA and PCC will receive both high school and college credit for classes taken during their junior and senior years. Such students receive academic support from all PCA staff and faculty to ensure academic success and also are able to utilize all PCA facilities and equipment for completing academic assignments. Both seated and online classes are available through the community college. Dual enrolled students will spend the majority of their time at PCA when they are not in seated classes through PCC and will be highly encouraged to participate in student life at PCA to the fullest extent possible, including participating in daily chapel services, community service projects, daily Bible study, lunchtime activities and other special events. Eligible students participating in dual enrollment are also expected to enroll in a weekly PCA Bible class and will receive a grade for this class. Dual enrolled students must get prior approval from the Head of School for classes to be taken before signing up for such classes through PCC. Student must also submit a copy of all grades received through Pamlico Community College classes for record-keeping purposes at the end of each semester. The NC College and Career program is virtually free for NC residents, though there may be minimal fees for certain classes that require a lab or for required textbooks, though some may be borrowed from PCC or rented from an online source. PCA seeks the guidance of the Career and College Promise advisor on which PCC professors would work best for PCA students. Depending upon high school cumulative GPA, PCC requires some academic testing to enroll in the program, to be completed in the summer prior to fall enrollment in the 11th grade year.