Preschool Admissions

Our Preschool Admissions Process

If you are interested in enrolling your preschooler in our program, the steps are as follows:

  1. Come visit us! Please call (252) 745-0462 or email to schedule a visit with our Preschool Director and Head of School. You may bring your child with you if you like!
  2. Fill out a Preschool Application for Admission and submit to the PCA office along with an application fee of $35. The Preschool Director and Head of School will review your application.
  3. Our Preschool Director or Head of School will then contact you to to review our Preschool Handbook and policies.
  4. If the Preschool Director, with input from the Head of School, and the parent agree that the program is a good fit for the child, the parent will turn in a Preschool Enrollment Form along with other required documentation (immunization records, medical records, emergency contact info, birth certificate, etc.), a $200 registration fee and a $100 curriculum fee if entering the Pre-K (K4) program. Students will only be allowed to attend the first day if all documentation is on file in the PCA office.